Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reviewing Products for NewBaby.com

NewBaby.com has rolled out a new product review program. You can participate by joining us as a Mom Vlogger and submit your product review as outlined below and on our site.

We would like to ask that for product reviews you include the following elements in your vlog:
  1. Make sure you have good lighting - dark videos are hard to view
  2. Jot down some notes about the product before you start to vlog about it
  3. Take time to set up the space that you are going to video in so the product is the focus, not the elements around it
  4. When you start your vlog begin with "today we are going to review ...the product name by manufacturer
  5. Talk about what the product does / promises?
  6. Explain how well the product solves the problem / or how it works
  7. Point out unique features of the product in your review
  8. Demonstrate how it works - with your child or for you
  9. Answer: Does the product offer good value? (Would I buy this product?)
  10. End with "Thanks for watching this product review, I;m Sally Sue from www.momisgreatblogging.com. I look forward to seeing you again - or something along those lines.
We would love to have you review the products you select during the month of December and create your vlog submission about the product(s) for the first week of January 2009. Thanks for supporting NewBaby.com and this program! We truly value your opinions and am glad you are part of our growing community.

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