Monday, June 8, 2009

Moms Rule The Web

by Jack Humphrey on June 8, 2009

mom-baby-couchAccording to eMarketer, 34 Million moms log onto the web each month. That makes them one of the largest user groups online today. They’re powerful too. I call them the “momfia!”

They may look unimposing. But just cross them in the wrong way and you’re in a whole heap of trouble! Ignore them and you’re missing out. Get on their good sides, respect them, and just see what can happen!

What’s the big deal about moms?

  1. They know more about what the kids are doing online - so they know more about the web in general.
  2. They make the bulk of household purchase decisions.
  3. They chat it up - mommy blogs have some of the highest comment counts of any blogs on the web today.
  4. They network. Mommy blogger groups are everywhere. And they are some of the most networked people on the web today.
  5. They take each other seriously. Their brand of networking is not just casual. They are pretty hardcore about using their groups to help each other a lot more than other groups do.

Here are 10 misconceptions about Mommy bloggers from a mommy blogger who knows.

What do moms have to do with you?

Well, the household purchase decisions should have you sitting up in your seat. What can you do to make sure you are “mom friendly” in your marketing? How about how you describe your products and services? Do you sound like someone a mom would follow, buy from, or blog about?

Mom’s have a language of their own online. They have special keywords that evoke meanings that are different for them than other people.

Knowing these things can help you reach out in more meaningful ways to this powerful, savvy demographic. Because another thing moms do is buy from each other! Trust is everything for them, like with most people. But they are so well-connected, they don’t often have to go outside their circles to buy stuff they need or want.

They trust each others recommendations and buy according to what their circle likes.

Being recommended by a “hub mommy,” (someone who, by simply nodding in your direction, could send you tons of traffic and send sales soaring), is a big deal. Any advertiser can tell you that. More ad dollars are spent on mommy blogs than probably any other type of blog on the web! Advertisers know moms are one of the very most valuable audiences to get in front of on the web.

Learn about the mommy craze. This large group deserves your respect and attention when you are working to impress some of the most powerful people on the web!

Get to know mommy (or Mom) bloggers to get a feel for the Momfia

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