Monday, November 10, 2008

Going from Blogs to Vlogs with (Flip Camera Recipients AND Any Mom's or Dads that want to contribute!!)

We want you to be successful and have lots of fun sharing your blog/vlogs with us and are available to help with any of your questions and want to find out how your experience is going. Feel free to email or Natalie at We will be sending out more “how to” information over the next few days and weeks along with information about how we are doing. In the meantime, enjoy the Flip and let’s get ready to VLOG on!!

1st – Please sign up and build your profile. You will need to do this to upload videos. My profile is found at “newmomsonline” so you can add me to your friends.
2nd – If you have a Blog – you can have your RSS feed your blog
3rd – Upload any videos you have created – or at least – click through to see how it works
4th – Upload any photos you wish
5th – Create a Playlist of Videos – and get the widget to add to your blog

Get your Vlogs on (add them to your playlist so they show up on your Blog as well!) We know you are busy so these are guidelines and suggestions, not requirements.

• Please try to upload a minimum of 1 to 2 video casts per week
• Try to address and pick topics of interest to new and expectant moms
• Display your Vlogger button on you blog (get your linky love here:
• Like a product and want to spread the word, product reviews are welcome
• Create and customize a NewBaby widget to showcase your Vlog on your site

There are some great resources on the web offering advice on how to create a great Video blog. One of our favorites comes to us from Wendy Stetson, who is one of the founding NewBaby Mom Vloggers. You can check out what Wendy has to say and see her video advice by following this link

We are always available to help and answer any of your questions by emailing us at or catch us on twitter by following NewbabyTV. We have some experienced people coming to our side to help us begin here, but before they do, here are some things to consider:

• Relax – Remember when you first started blogging? You’ve come a long way since then and learned a lot, the same thing is going to happen with your NewBaby Vlog.
• Think about what you wanted to hear when you were (are) pregnant or when you were (are) a brand new Mom. Try to incorporate these thoughts into your NewBaby Vlog.
• Enjoy – We want you to have fun and enjoy this experience. We will provide as much help and support as we can throughout this experience to assist you to be the best Vlogger you can be.

With the Video Widget, Vloggers can create custom widgets to showcase your Vlogs anywhere on the Internet. Widgets can be set to show all of your video including Vlogs and video of your baby and family. You can also highlight other favorite NewBaby video by including it in your widget playlist. The look and feel of your widget can also be customized to blend in your blog, website or social networking page. Your widget can also be configured with a direct response, request for information component so that your fans and family can let you know they are their from anywhere on the Internet.

Here is a Playlist I created about getting started with Vlogging and the Flip Camera:

You can make your widget from here... stay tuned for more tips!

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