Wednesday, November 5, 2008 is sending out flip camera's to more Mom's to VLOG with

The best part of my day is connecting with other Mom's and seeing what they are up to online. This morning ACowboysWife inspired me to have an egg/bacon/toast breakfast from her Wooden Spoon photos. Warning! Never look at photos of food when you are hungry... fortunately, I had the required ingredients and before you knew it, we were eating that for breakfast. YUM.'s promotion to give away Flip Video Camera's to a limited number of mom bloggers is also an awesome part of my day as I have shared some of the awesome blogs I have seen with them to review and contact. Anyone can contribute to and there are a lot of mom bloggers there who have a big following along with adding content to

It's a great way to build traffic to your site!

Here are a few more new mom vloggers:

There are also some exciting programs coming from, so be sure to stop by, sign up - it's free and contribute!!


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