Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mom2.0Summit Tips: Video is Key! If you are a mom who blogs, you need to add video to your media mix

Wish I was there in Houston at the Mom2.0 Summit with all those Fab Moms but glad I'm here...There's so much work to get done for our upcoming launch of MomTV - that I just can't go away and keep up. That's the trouble with being a WAHM I guess.

One really exciting thing to see that on Day 1 - Lisa Stone of Blogher said that Mom Bloggers needed to be adding video with their blogging - vlogging.

We already knew that at, we've been helping take moms who blog to moms who vlog for a few years now. We have over 100 moms contributing to our site already and hope to have 150 more added by June.

The best reason for this is your community- those who follow you and see your blog will get to really see you and connect. Just like those marketing companies who want to connect with bloggers for product reviews and promotions, your personality shines on video and they stick - we call it being "sticky" in marketing terms. gives you the ability to create special playlists for your personal video, your product reviews, your general vlogs and have that player on your site (multiple ones) so visitors and pick a "channel" and watch all videos in one place by having it in your sidebar.

The GoToMom, Kimberley Blaine, is an awesome example of how to share the video blogs you create: Customize the widget and place it on your page. It doesn't have to have it's own page - you can put it whereever you want.

Here is another example of one of our new vloggers - Sandy from OrganizewithSandy - this is her first vlog - she was a bit nervous but look at the comments, her visitors were very supportive and encouraging. Once you get past the first one... the rest are easy.

We'll be having a how-to webinar series for moms who want to vlog in a few weeks... stay tuned! or email me (stephanie at if you would like more info.

Have a great Saturday!!


Casual Friday Everyday said...

I'm telling you what, I'd be loading up my blog with video. If I go to blogher09 I'll likely take far too much video and pictures and report in on every little thing...that's how I roll. LOL


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I can see (ha!ha! get it?) why video is so important on blogs. It's one more way for readers to connect with us and build relationship. It allows expression in a way that pictures and writing doesn't.

Can't wait to hear the details of the how-to webinar series!