Friday, September 4, 2009

Notice: Annie’s Family Fund

Reprinted From Mommy Brain Reports:

Sep-3-2009 By Monica

A very dear friend of mine lost a family member this past week. You might know her as @CraftyMamaof4… Her cousin’s baby Annie was taken back to Heaven after just 2 months here on Earth. Her passing has just crushed the hearts of so many people I know.. many who have never even met her. She is a sweet angel now.
Another very good friend (@PlusSizeMommy) has started a donation fund for Annie’s Family. As you can imagine, with Annie being born preemie, and then passing after just 2 short months, her family is going through a whirlwind of emotions right now. Funerals and burials are very expensive, and she is trying to help in any way she can.
I spoke to her this evening, and am going to get together a little memorial care package for the family.
If you are able, it would be appreciated if you could donate anything you can. 100% of the donations will go directly to Annie’s Family.
To read more about Annie’s journey back to Heaven, go to CraftyMamaof4’s website.

If you’d like to make a donation, please donate via the widget below. I’ll also add it to my sidebar to make it easier to find… All funds are going directly to a Paypal account for the family.

Thank you so much!

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