Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Enter to Win a Flip to Vlog with on

We will be picking 3 Awesome Mom's to get a flip video camera. It's easy to do. (Oh, in case you didn't know, is not just for babies!!)
  1. Join
  2. Feed your RSS in your profile and put your blog URL (website or all sites) in the about you with info about YOU.
  3. Add your photo to your profile.
  4. Add a Friend: NewMomsOnline (that's me)
  5. Go to our Linky Love page and grab a badge for your site and install it
  6. Fill out the link back form from us to your site / blog so it shows up in our directory
  7. Write a blog (short or long) on why you're ready to jump in front of a camera and vlog... it's easy - just think of your pictures animated. Lot's of our Mom's start off a bit nervous and in no time are rocking it like a Movie Star
The promotion runs from now until Midnight on the 31st of January and the winners will be randomly selected and will be posted here... and on

Oh... here is some background on why we are doing this... is the first online community focusing on Mom's by providing video blogs from opinions to expert advice. We have been helping mom's who want to go from blog to vlog... by giving them Flip Video Cameras (that we have been buying... boo, not donated by Flip!).

Why do we push video so much?? Video is the next big wave and if you read all the new media press like I do, you see things like this:

Businesses Embracing Online Video Will Fuel The Web's Revolution
IF VIDEO KILLED THE radio star, online video will surely kill the static Web.

Video is poised to permeate the Web in a way that goes far beyond YouTube's user-generated clips. The Web's design and flexibility make it a powerful visual medium, with moving images, Flash and animation fast becoming the lingua franca. This presents corporate America -- and private enterprise in general -- with a huge opportunity.

All Video, All the Time

...The following are a handful of ways video is impacting corporate Web strategies and business models:

Company news and information. Web video enables organizations to become their own broadcast networks.

Product information and how-to. Video can be a key enabler of product support and advice....

Best practices and knowledge management. If commercials and entertainment can be viral, so can internal company knowledge. A manufacturing company with plants all over the world could enable far-flung employees to record and share best practices....

Community. User-generated content (UGC) can turn customers and fans into a network of content creators who communicate through video. Cult footwear favorite Crocs, for instance, has set up a site that invites lovers and haters of the brand to upload videos about how they feel about the product. And look for more companies to build communities with video as the primary form of content.....

UGC offers organizations a significant source of original content and can foster a natural community that keeps a pulse of the brand. This is where two of today's most powerful trends -- online video and the social Web -- combine to form a new capability for business: the power to create and sustain new communities, glued together by our most compelling mass medium.

Turning on the Spigot

So why should corporate America embrace the video-centric Web? Remember the lessons of a certain small appliance maker called Blendtec. This small business came out of nowhere in a crowded and competitive market segment to establish a vibrant business on the back of short, simple video segments. You never know where the best ideas or content will come from. Successful companies will be the ones that engage online communities with video that is compelling and continuous.

(The article above has been shortened... you can read the whole thing by clicking the title link).

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BrandyEllen said...

I am so excited about this giveaway. I followed all your steps and here is my post about why I am ready to vlog:

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Blacktating said...

Hi, I followed all of the steps. I am ELITAK at

Here is the link to my new blog post on why I want to vlog.

Thanks for the chance!

tara said...

I am both a wee-bit camera shy, as well as one video-camera shy, but I'd love to vlog with you on

See my post here:

Sky Yoga Studio said...

Not sure what else to do, I accomplished all of the tasks on the list, here is a post about why I want to win (well who doesn't really?)

Erica said...

I've followed all the steps!


I'm excited!!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I just found out about this at the last minute, but I think I've done everything to enter!

dpanupam said...

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Anonymous said...

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