Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Join the #CPSIA Blog-In - Great Resources to help you fight - 12 Days Left!

Twelve days left to make your concerns heard...

What can you do?

1. Please complete this pre-filled out letter today!

2. Join the blog-in

3. Send out this DOIY Press Release to your local Newspaper

Thanks to all the bloggers who are working tirelessly to save hand-made in the USA:

and especially to:
who have some very awesome information about CPSIA on their personal blogs and where I got this awesome Blog-in Graphic (click to go to her post)

For more info is found on:
CPSIA: Info Page The Handmade Toy Alliance Cool Mom Picks: Save Handmade! National Bankruptcy Day KarenClark CPSIA info page Fashion Incubator CPSIA Posts

1 comment:

Princess Time Toys said...

We've won a slight reprieve, but it's still time to move on getting this legislation fixed.

Keep fighting!

Connie (where we blog about things including CPSIA)