Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BlogHer - BowlHer - MomTV will be Streaming LIVE from both!

If you are attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago, look for the cameraman...

Don't worry! If you aren't able to attend (like me, MomTV Stephanie) we're streaming LIVE each afternoon with Maria Bailey and special co-hosts Danielle Smith from ExtraOrdinaryMommy.com and Trisha Haas from MomDot with recaps of the day. We also have moms capturing video which they will share on MomTV and NewBaby.com as well.

We are also streaming LIVE from BowlHer 09 - where we will capture the event from the red carpet for the opening (so you can see all your Mom blogger friends) and some of the cool events planned during the evening. We will have 6 parties streaming LIVE with us like we did on the MomTV launch for Mom's Nite Out on May 7th.

You won't want to miss MomTV! Check out the schedules on our LIVE Shows page!

1 comment:

oh amanda said...

Yay! Let me know if you want me to do anything on THIS side of blogher...besides show all the weeping mamas NOT going. ;)